Practical Wisdom for the Modern World
Hatsumode New Year Ceremony During the first week of the new year millions of people in Japan visit the shinto shrine to pray for the blessings of great nature to ensure prosperity, safety and harmony for the family and company. Many shrines also offer the facility to have a purification ceremony. Since 2006 Hotel Okura Amsterdam offers a special new year package for its guests in Europe, which includes the first visit of the shrine (hatsumode). Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation has the honour to build the temporary shrine every year. Guests may apply for a harae ceremony, which is performed by the Dutch guji. Omikuji (fortune- telling) and omamori are also available. Due to the gracious courtesy of Hotel Okura friends and relatives of Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation may attend a special Grand Ceremony in the late afternoon. The ceremony had been attended by a.o. the Mayor of Amstelveen and several CEO’s of Japanese Companies. The Netherlands Ikebana Association graciously prepares the New Year flower arrangement.