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Dutch Shintomaster has performed the opening ceremony or Shunko Kiyo Harae Shiki for (Japanese) companies all over Europe. and also for many dojos, the workspaces for practising aikido, iaido, kendo or kyudo. more...
Opening or Inauguration Ceremony The Opening Ceremony is also called Shunko Kiyo Harae Shiki. It is a ceremony to ensure a new begin in a clean space. It also offers a prayer for prosperity, safety and good health. The ceremony is performed for many Japanese companies in Europe, to celebrate the opening of a new office, factory, or tunnel. The ceremony is also requested by companies or institutions with a Japanese flavour or interest, for example exhibitions of Japanese Art in museum or gallery, Art Academies and of course also the dojos, the workspace for Japanese Martial Arts. Usually the dojo also requests the inauguration of kamidana, which will become the spiritual centre of the dojo.
CEREMONY FOR DOJO 2005 Shinbuken Amsterdam 2005 Shofukan Rotterdam 2005 Shumeikan Wien, Austria 2006 45 Years Aikido the Netherlands 2008 Engakuan Vijfhuizen 2008 Renbukan Eindhoven
A traditional Japanese house offers hospitality to the spiritual world. Kami and Buddha reside in kamidana and butsudan. In front of them all new family events are announced. This enhances the awareness that the spatial world is connected with all times: present, past and future. Every new beginning starts in an empty space. The kamidana is a revitalising source of energy, but must be nourished as well. Everyday starts with an opening ceremony.