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Dutch Shintomaster has performed the safety ceremony or Anzen Kigan Shiki for many (Japanese) companies all over Europe.
Safety Ceremony This ceremony is also called Anzen Kigan Shiki. The aim of the ceremony is to pray for the safe construction of the new building, to pray for the safety and good health of the construction workers and to prevent accidents. The safety ceremony in all its parts can be performed on the construction site. Otherwise it is possible to make the first part in the site office and the other half on the construction site, where the shinto master will purify the four corners and/or potentially dangerous areas. It is also possible to apply for an annual safety ceremony in the main office of the construction company. Participation of the company’s staff during tamagushi houten (dedication of green branch) and shinshu haitai (congratulatory toast with sake) will enhance their awareness of safety.
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